How to buy Bitcoins?

Learn how to use and get your Bitcoins safely and anonymously.

How to buy on the Dark Web?

Learn how to use the Darknet markets and buy goods on the dark web

How to access the Dark Web?

Are you trying to find out how to access the dark web? Look no further, we have made the definitive guide.

An overview

DarknetMarkets is a Darknet news and general information website that has been created to help and put some order in the deep web community. Most importantly we are here to protect both the newbies and expert users, we accomplish this by keeping an ordered and updated list of dark web marketplaces as well as an updated list of Tor hidden services that are the most commonly used and trusted. Besides of this, we have a growing offer of tutorials and guides focused on the dark web usage and basic security practices. This should not be taken lightly as the dark web can be a very dangerous place for newcomers and requires the users to follow some basic operative security measures in order to stay on the safe side.

One of the main pilars of the dark web is the cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. Bitcoin has enabled the deep web business to flourish and led to the birth of online black markets. We will also show you how to use and buy this electronic currency in an easy manner, you will see how easy and secure is to use a cryptocurrency. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Whether you are trying to find which is the best darknet market or which is the URL of your favorite dark web pages you can rest assured that you will be able to find it here. Nowadays phishing sites are widespread and you should be aware of this. A phishing site is a copy of a trusted service that will ask for your login credentials in order to steal/compromise your accounts. We guarantee that you will not find phishing links between the dark web addresses listed on our website. All the onion links listed here have been examined and are guaranteed to be the official ones. The only way you could get burned is if the real hidden service turned our to be a scam or something, so please keep your eyes open.

Stay tuned for updates, news and security warnings! The team of whishes you a nice journey through the deep web!

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