Best darknet market 2017: Check the 3 top online black markets!

Whether you are looking for a marketplace to sell your products or just buy something, doing it safely is of utmost importance. This is why we always focus on security when reviewing darknet markets. We can consider a market to be safe if it obtained a score of 5 or more on our darknet markets list, but it is always better to skip the markets that barely passed the tests and jump to the leading platforms, because you do not want to make any compromises when it comes to safety.

Another very important aspect of any marketplace is its usability, we have deeply examined every darknet market to find out the gracefulness of their user interfaces. We targeted the features that each market offers to its users, both vendors and customers, and also the general user interface. Additionaly we also reviewed each market forums as it adds a great value to the community both for vendors and customers.

As a result we are able to present you a thoroughly investigated list of the 3 best darknet markets so you can choose your preferred one.

1. TradeRoute

Overall score: 9.3

On the top of the list is TradeRoute, a marketplace created by darknet veterans, TradeRoute is envisioned to be the ultimate marketplace on the dark web. It is a darknet market created to serve the needs of those who have already grown tired of the scams associated with several darknet markets. TradeRoute has been built by seasoned programmers. It is operated and maintained by administrators who have enough technical and administrative experience in running a darknet marketplace.

Apart from a great user interface TradeRoute also offers the most advanced security features you may ever wish for a darknet market. Their new escrow system, easy to use multisignature payments and anti-scam technologies are really worth checking. This is a new market and still medium-sized but it will surely win the race if it keeps growing at the current pace.

2. Hansa

Overall score: 9.1

Hansa Market is a dark web marketplace that claims to focus on the minimization of scams among vendors and market admins through its trustless payment system. It supports multisig escrow payments, does not require deposits, and prohibits FE or partial escrow transactions. It also touts an “easy-to-use payment system and a welcoming layout.” This darknet market is not affiliated with an earlier Hansa dark web market that had been hacked and shut down.

3. AlphaBay

Overall score: 8.2

AlphaBay launched in December 2014, it operates on the Tor network and is believed to currently have over a quarter of a million users. It was founded by the noted carding forums frequenter alpha02. It is an English-only commercial darknet market that features a wide range of categories including fraud, recreational drugs, chemicals, counterfeit products, digital goods, weapons, carded electronics and appliances, carded clothing, jewelry, gold, software, security and hosting solutions, various services, as well as guides and tutorials.

*Please be aware that AlphaBay had important security issues that leaked all users information including private messages, user addresses and personal information.

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