How to buy on the Dark Web?

Great! You have decided that you want to buy drugs or some other illegal item on the black markets but how do you do it? The first thing you need is to set up Tor on your computer. There is a great guide in this post: How to access the dark web?.

Once you configured the Tor browser you have to choose one market to buy from. We recommend to use our Darknet Market ranking, we have done an extensive analysis of all the security features, user interfaces and support responsiveness in order to score the markets and sort them accordingly in our top markets list. Choose one and grab its link, the darknet market link will be something like this: h3jkwd8shjnsd8e4.onion. All tor links are .onion domains and they can only be accessed using the Tor browser.

Now paste the link you copied earlier in the address bar of your Tor browser and hit enter. You will probably go to the login page so just browse around until you get to the register page. Fill out the form as you would on any other website but keep in mind that you want to protect your anonymity so please do not use any of your usual usernames because otherwise it would be so easy to deanonymize you.

After the registration process you should be either inside the marketplace or on the login page. Log in and start browsing! Navigating through a Darknet market isn't any different than browsing products on Amazon or Ebay. Just use the search options, filter, sort and browse through the categories until you find something that you like. Once you found your product click on it to view its full listing and hit the buy button. Most markets will show you a form where you should input your encrypted shipment address and send the order to the vendor.

All you have to do now is sit and wait for you order to come. When you receive the package it is very important to go back to the market and finalize your order and maybe also leave some feedback to the vendors, this will help others to make their product choice easier.

Basically this is all you have to do, as you can see it is fairly easy. Buying on the black market is straightforward and safe if you follow our guides and our security advices!

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