A Brief Darknet Guide for Beginners

A Brief Darknet Guide for Beginners

Exploring the dark reaches of the internet is not for the faint of heart. Learn to access these corners with this brief darknet guide to get you started.

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The Darknet is the area of the Internet that search engines can't find. While you've likely heard bad things about the deep web, it's not all bad.

Interested in seeing this hidden corner of the web? If so, continue reading so you can learn everything you need in our Darknet guide.

Explore the unknown: a Darknet guide

Before we talk about accessing the Darknet, let's discuss what you'll find there.

The Darknet cannot be accessed using a search engine. It's an anonymous part of the Internet where anyone can post anything.

Since there is no regulation and everything is anonymous, there are some crazy things to be found. But, this area of the 'net isn't all bad.

In fact, you'll find everyday things such as:

  • Blogs
  • Essays
  • Forums
  • Trading markets

Now that you know what to expect, let's talk about how to get there. Keep reading our Darknet guide for access information!

Accessing the Darknet

You may think that accessing the Darknet is difficult. Crazily, accessing this area of the Internet is quite easy. The most common and safest method is using Tor.

With just a few clicks, Tor allows you to anonymously access the deep web. All you have to do is download the program, and connect to the TOR network.

Using Tor is a must. This network keeps your identity masked from others who are also browsing Darknet.

For even greater protection and identity-masking, connect to Tor using a VPN service.

Don't risk your identity by browsing unprotected!

What to expect when you're there

On the surface, navigating the Darknet isn't much different from what you're used to. The biggest difference will be the URLs.

On the surface, your typical URL is one that is readable. However, on the Darknet, URLs are made up of random strings of characters. Every URL will also end with ".onion."

Another big difference will be the speed of your connection. If you're looking to be on and off the Darknet in a few minutes, think again!

In order to keep your connection anonymous, your connection will be bounced around several hosts. This creates extremely slowness and latency.

Because of the slowness, don't expect high-quality flashy websites. Most Darknet websites look as if they were created back in the early 90s.

Use common sense

When accessing the Darknet, be mindful of where you go. Remember, there are some unpleasant places to avoid.

When on the Darknet, avoid websites that:

  • Sell illegal items, such as drugs, fake IDs, guns, ammunition, etc.
  • Promote violence
  • Post obscene images

If something doesn't seem right, avoid that site!

All of the Darknet information you want

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