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5 Business Marketing Trends You Need for 2018

We’re at that time of year again where we’re in a swirl of activities around the holidays, but every business leader understands that this is the time he or she should be looking to ensure next year’s success. Marketing is an essential aspect of any group or organization, and in the digital era, it’s critical that you provide your team is focusing on the following as we soon speed into 2018.


Customers do not want to be sold. No one likes being sold. The best marketers know that the way to “sell” is to connect first emotionally and consumers will then work to rationalize their decision to buy. The public is used to being told a story since the beginning of human existence, and storytelling in the digital age is no different in wanting to elicit an emotional connection. However, in today’s world, businesses are relying on data to inform them as to what resonates with consumers and what is falling flat. Your company or organization can create short video ads on platforms like Facebook that tell a story, deliver value and peak interest.

Original Media Series

Communicating with consumers now is about entertainment. People are pulled in thousands of directions, and everyone is vying for their attention. So, one of the best things you can do is to develop a series and keep them coming back from one part of the story to the next. If you’re looking to create an original and entertaining media series, consider various platforms since your audience will be found in different media. You can think of podcasts and social media channels, and you should also think about creating content that is delivered in multiple ways, such as text, audio, and video. Once you decide the strategies, you will be using, create custom content, and get creative. You can even develop a fictional series with characters that help convey your work in a fun and engaging way. One of the reasons to do a fictional original media series is that it can remain relevant even for an extended period after publication.

Personalized Website Experiences

The power of data, AI and algorithms mean that consumers are used to a more personalized and interactive experience. When consumers enter into your website or digital storefront, it’s all about the experience. Your site has to reflect who you are, but it also has to ensure that they have a fantastic experience. It is now essential for your business to greet your customers and audience in a unique and in as much of a personal way as possible. You can achieve this by having live contact and information forms, members-only sections to your site or even ways for customers to experience your products or services.

Third Party Entry Points

Businesses have started to offer value-add and their products on platforms that are not associated with their companies. Partnerships between companies that have a natural alignment are serving as platforms to leverage and amplify marketing opportunities. For instance, when a consumer purchases a product or service, they may receive a call to action about a partner. Or a partner will provide a bundle of information of another company free on their site or a discount for another company’s products or services. Both businesses have an opportunity in this way to broaden their reach and expand their audience base.

One-Click Payment Options

Customers are seeking to have the most fluid experience possible with websites they visit. Therefore, businesses, particularly with more expensive products and services, are creating experiences that invite consumers to join a membership program. For instance, input all of their information–including credit cards–and then have the opportunity to purchase what they want and when they want it with a single click of the button. One click financing integration is not only beneficial for the customer, but also for the business it will lower the incidences of fraud and charge-backs.

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Here’s An Easy Way To Increase Your Sales

Want An Easy Way To Increase Your Sales?

Work your customer list. Sounds sooooo simple and easy but very few small business owners do it.

What’s that you say? You don’t keep a list of prospects or customers?

Shame, shame, shame. You should be. Because there’s lots of gold to mine using this one simple marketing tactic.

A house list is one of the best sources of profit building, hands down.

Here I’ll show you how to build your house list easily without silly gimmicks, hi-tech tools, marketing mumbo-jumbo or a big pile of cash.

Start with a killer offer that’s almost too good to be true. An ethical bribe, if you will.

Giveaway (with no strings) something meaningful to the prospect that’s cool and helpful with lots of high perceived value.

My favorite “bribe” is high quality informational type premiums, which I typically create from scratch. Not only are they easy to create, they’re highly effective and can be repurposed into other cool premiums such as special reports, audio programs or informational DVDs, etc.

The info-freebies that work best are ones that solve an urgent problem your prospects are having. Load it up with simple, practical advice that positions you as the “go-to” person, firm or company that can deliver the goods.

These little “freebies” are known as “lead magnets: because they attract quality prospects like metal fillings to a powerful magnet. And they work wonderfully if you do your homework.

Here’s how it works.

You’ll create your lead magnet, making it content-rich with helpful information your target market craves. Be sure to code or key your marketing piece so you can track it.

Next, look for media to reach your prospects. Promote your lead magnet by writing a small lead generation type advertisement and posting it in the most appropriate media… mailing lists, magazines, websites, and other watering holes.

With all the modern-day software driven tools, capturing and tracking your leads is a cinch. I won’t go into all the CRM tools available as they tend to change regularly.

Keep it simple. I can’t stress this enough. In the beginning keep it all simple. You can complicate it later if you like.

Get a notebook and write down the prospect’s name and contact information. You could, of course, go “hi-tech” simply copy and paste your lead information into Microsoft Excel or Access and call it a day.