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6 Lessons I Learned From Seth Godin at SmartHustle Conference

Ramon Ray gathered together a bevy of high calibre presenters with such wisdom to share, not only on business, but on life, and how to integrate both.

They made us think, they made us laugh, they even made us cry.

I learned a lot. I was inspired a lot.

Here are some of the take aways, nuggets, and little “secrets” that I thought I would share, to inspire you on your business/life path.

What I learned from Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s mastermind session was not disappointing. He is a marketing genius.

He has a deep understanding of the human psyche which is a winning formula for successful marketing.

I asked him the question: To Niche Or Not To Niche?

His answer:
– Yes. It’s very important to focus on a niche market as opposed to a broad market or industry.
– No, there is no conflict. The smallest viable market is the biggest insight any company can have.
– Become meaningful specific, not a wandering generality. Play to your minimum viable audience.
– Specialists get the critical mass.
– Get very specific: “We specialize in THIS only”
– The goal is not to be famous to everyone. You cannot be this, it’s to be famous to the family, to the circle.
– Find the smallest viable group of people who will listen to you and solve their problems. Smaller niche is always bigger.

Seth on Hustle:
– There are two different types of Hustle: one that uses people and will eventually get you burned.
– The other is reputable and respectable Hustle which revolves around generosity and connection.

Seth on Choosing the Right Clients:
– Pick your clients!
– Fire the ones that are wasting your time and effort because they not pushing you to do great work.
– If you can make that commitment, then six months from now your client list will look different, you will not be working more hours, you will be making more money but more importantly you will be making a bigger difference.

Seth says, he knows it’s hard to do, but every time he has done this in his career – he was glad he did it!

Seth on The Value of Video to Support Sales and Marketing:
– Given the choice, very few people will read if they can watch video instead.
– The hierarchy of attention is: SMS, email, video, and far at the bottom… reading.
– It has never been easier to make video than it is today.
– Making mediocre video is super easy.
– It doesn’t seem like a short cut, but paying too much to make good video is a short cut! Make it work, either way.

On Creating Tension:
– How do you sell something to someone who hasn’t bought it before? Create TENSION.
– Tension always accompanies forward motion.
– There is always someone cheaper than you, more experienced than you.
– But if you are causing a small dent in the universe, pushing against someone’s experience as the status quo, then they will pick you.
– Create that tension of making people realize there is a problem for which you are the solution.

On Creating Scarcity:
– If there’s no scarcity, customers will pick the cheapest or closest option.
– Create SCARCITY to create VALUE.

The conference was truly inspirational on many levels. I hope you can use some or all of these takeaways in your marketing to make you stand out and be truly effective!